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From the Principal

Welcome to the term 3 newsletter. This time of the year is always a challenge to work through owing to the gloomy weather, shorter days and the toll taken on everyone with it being the cold and flu season. I’m sure Mrs Patrick and Mr Attfield had this in mind when arranging their respective long service leaves to sunnier climates.

The school underwent its IPS Review in term 2. This process occurs every 3 years and is a completely independent method to assess how effective the school is in attaining the various goals established in the business plan. The school had self-identified a number of key issues which were consequently reported in the review and which relate predominately to operational efficiencies.

Most of these issues can be specifically linked to the rapid growth the school has experienced in enrolments and steps were being taken to address these prior to the Review. None of these impacted negatively on the quality of the programs delivered at the school or the outcomes for our students. In assisting with the review I wish to extend my deepest appreciation to Delia Richardson, Geoff Regan, Angela Cameron, Erica Rusbridge and school staff who gave of their time and participated in the Review process. Kalamunda Secondary Ed Support has certainly experienced significant and rapid growth with 72 students now enrolled at the school. To put this into perspective, there were 36 students enrolled in 2011 when the school commenced as an Independent Public School, so we have doubled our intake in 5 years. However, with growth such as this there also come challenges not the least being the accommodation issue.

The Kalamunda site has reached capacity which means that we have no space for additional transportable classrooms. This places the school in a position whereby we must carefully manage our enrolments to ensure that all students who meet Centre criteria have a place available in 2017 and beyond. This means that I am less able to assist young people who might fall just outside of the criteria but who otherwise might have had that opportunity in the past. This is indeed a challenging situation with which the Department of Education is working closely with the school in exploring options and finding workable solutions. To this end, I am extremely optimistic that the school will continue to provide placements for students who meet criteria and that those students who don’t, will have access to a range of alternative support strategies.

Perhaps it is timely to raise the matter of the School Board which plays a substantial role in supporting the school and providing the governance and guidance needed as we develop and grow. I strongly suggest that parents consider nominating for the board so that they might contribute in an additional way to their child’s ongoing development through guiding the school and its future direction. Please contact Chris Saligari to request further information.

In reaching the end of what has been an extremely hectic term I wish to extend my heartfelt gratitude for all the support offered by so many within our school community and offer everyone best wishes for a safe and relaxing holiday.

Steve Hordacre







At Kalamunda Secondary Education Support every student in our community is known and valued for their individuality. Working together we create a safe, supportive and positive learning environment, where relationships are based on mutual trust and respect. Parents are our partners, together we share the responsibility for student learning.


At Kalamunda Secondary Education Support is located on the same site as the high school. A strong relationship based on share understandings exists between the high school and Kalamunda Secondary Education Support.

Together we celebrate student achievements.

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