The Arts

Sculpture has featured strongly this term in the Specialist Art Program, and many classes have experimented with ceramic and modelling clay.

Figures with brightly coloured modelling clay have been made and used by the students for ‘Stop Motion’ animation to act out short scenes. Some scenes have shown Virtues including Honesty, Cooperation, Commitment and Joyfulness. In year seven, students made and used colourful figures to act out scenes from the ‘Monkey King’ story for their Chinese studies. Year eleven students are using papier mache sculpture to begin work on some ‘helmet masks’ in the style of Venetian and Mexican festivals, Animae and Horror for their wearable art projects.

With our colour work, students continue to use the colour wheel to help with toning or contrasting colours. Some classes have moved on to create some simple but beautiful patterns using tiles. In our water colour painting, students have worked effectively with contrasting colour and wash techniques for a range of studies including nature observation and still life work.

Well done, art students!

Mrs Fisher - Specialist Art Teacher