Science in term 3 began by learning about Sir Isaac Newton and his amazing discoveries of gravity and the three laws of motion. This built upon what students had already learned on forces (pushes and pulls). Students participated in a number of experiments involving force meters and objects from around the classroom, blowing up a balloon and letting it fly across the room attached to string to emulate a rocket, pumping up the water rocket outside and blasting it into the air to signify Newton’s 3rd law of motion (for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction).

During National Science Week students were given the opportunity to do an experiment with Bunsen Burners in one of the mainstream school labs. This certainly created enormous anticipation and excitement! All students practiced lighting a Bunsen burner and received their Bunsen Burner License with or without assistance. This was followed by an experiment heating water using the burners and timers. It was fantastic being part of the mainstream science celebrations and being able to watch interesting demonstrations in lunchtimes.

The theme for National Science Week this year has been ‘Drones, Droids and Robots’ and for the rest of term 3 students have been exploring the differences between these three phenomena through a range of activities. One activity where students have been very creative has been the making of recycled robots from tin cans, egg cartons, plastic bottle tops, sticks, shells, nuts and bolts and lots of glue and sticky tape! The creations have extended their imaginations and broadened their awesome craft skills .

Mrs Poole— Science Teacher

Science Photos