Term 3 has been a roller-coaster term especially in Physical Education. The unpredictability of the weather (winter season) has caused some chaos for our students but were able to transition smoothly towards the new venue and activities.

Our students have covered T-ball throughout this term. The fielding component of T-ball caused some confusion (wearing the gloves especially) but majority of our students had very little problem in hitting the ball. They thoroughly enjoyed the challenge considering most of our students never played T-ball before.

Furthermore, in the spirit of the Rio Olympic Games our school decided to organise an Olympic carnival (in school carnival) which was organised by our wonderful staff. Students were placed in 6 different teams; Black, Red, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Yellow and Green. The students were all involved in partaking in each of the six activities; Tunnel ball, Leader ball, Frisbee challenge, Soccer target, Football target and bean-bag throw. The students thoroughly enjoyed themselves showing great maturity and sportsmanship throughout the event. Bronze medal belonged to team Dark Blue, Silver medal was team Black and the Gold medal was awarded to team Red. Well done on all the students who showed great enthusiasm and the outstanding staff who made this all possible, very much looking forward to the next Olympics.

Mr Hussein

Health and Physical Education Teacher

Various PE