As the literacy teacher I have the pleasure of teaching each class for one hour a week.

The year 7 and 8's have worked hard all year on their phonics program. Each lesson has involved revising a sound and the different ways to spell it. We then look for this sound in a short story. Students look forward to the story each week and I hope that your child has not experienced any nightmares as a result of the 'strange, but true' theme of the stories.

The staff and students in the Year 10 class have had a lot of fun dressing up as zombies, vampires and many other characters in our film making sessions. To the outsider it may appear as though we are just having fun down there in ESC 6, but it does require a lot of preparation and planning to film a scene. This class has amazed me with their acting abilities and their acceptance of giving everything a go.

Year 11's have enjoyed learning about idioms and have kept their noses to the grindstone completing Comprehension Detective stories and working through the 1-1000 words booklets.

Year 12/13's spent the first half of the year doing comprehensions from the 'Comprehension Detective ' Series. The last half has been spent looking at all the emergency situations that a person might find themselves in, and how we might solve these situations. The students have contributed enthusiastically to class discussions and I have learnt a lot about the dramatic things that have occurred in their own lives!

Lyn Meares
Literacy Teacher