Upper School ESC8 (Ms Spadanuda)

Olympics fever set the tone for the start of Term 3 in ESC 8. Literacy and numeracy based activities with a sports theme helped motivate the students to strive for their personal best. Students and staff were keen to test their time in the 100 metre dash and to see if they had the Usain Bolt factor. Repeated attempts were useful as students continued to improve their original times. These activities helped them prepare for the “mini Olympics” whole school event. The students enjoyed participating with their peers and had a fabulous day. Gold, gold, gold!

The theme of disability continued in our selection of audio books. Students listened to "Are You Seeing Me?" and explored the lives of twins Justine and Perry as they travelled through parts of Canada and USA. Justine is the full time carer of her special needs brother Perry and the students were able to experience the lives of these characters.

A highlight of the term was the TAFE excursion to the Leederville campus. Senior students participated in a Market Day type event and the gracious hosts took the classes on tours. Students were able to ask questions and imagine their futures as potential TAFE students. Many students said that they would love to go to TAFE and be in a grown up world of education. They were able to see the energy of a dynamic institution offering courses specific for students with special learning needs.

Cooking continues to be an integral part of ESC 8's program. Students enjoyed cooking a variety of sweet and savoury dishes and demonstrated good hygiene and time management skills. The students agree that the best part is the eating but they are also able to make links to the weekly shopping trips (CAPs) that include purchasing the ingredients. Planning and organising skills are important lifelong skills.

Art activities linked to the audio books included creating an Ogopogo (mythical Canadian sea creature) with small tyres, an Autism logo jigsaw puzzle and lava exploding volcanoes. Students crave the tactile experience of creating meaning in non verbal manners and the class is filled with an abundance of their beautiful pieces. It is a delight to see the dedication and focus as students progress with each project.

Congratulations to all students for their fine efforts this term.

Ms Spadanuda—Teacher

ESC8 Various

ESC 8 Various