Year 10 ESC7 (Mrs St Jack)

The students of ESC7 have been very busy this term, taking their learning out into the

Semester two (2), focuses on preparing students for their future in the working environment, learning about workplace safety, company expectations, working as a team member, travelling to and from work and finance – budgeting and banking.

The majority of students have been placed at organisations that are able to offer ongoing placements on a weekly basis for the duration of term 3. Initially, students were excited by the opportunity to skip time from school! However, the idea of work being an easy option was short-lived! Students soon realised the need to work hard, be a good team member and have a positive attitude. They all worked well and have contributed to the continuing great reputation that fellow KSES students have previously established in the workplace.

Year 10 have also committed to maintaining the worm farm. Daily tasks such as feeding, watering, and collecting and bottling worm wee, calls for a busy schedule in caring for the worms. However, students and staff are fully committed and hope to be selling the worm wee soon.

Mrs St Jack—Teacher

ESC 7 Various