Year 9 ESC6 (Mrs Stoker-Walters)

In Term 3, ESC6 students have continued on with cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Students have a range of very delicious and achievable recipes that has been the envy of other students and staff. Some of these item include pizzas, beef sausage rolls, chicken sausage rolls, cheese pastries and cup-a-soups.

This term has also highlighted the creative talents of the students. Across most learning areas, students have been involved in a range of activities that show how very clever and imaginative they can be.

Specifically in Geography this term, students in ESC6 have been using activities and demonstrations that are centred on the theme of the Living and Nonliving elements of Australian Deserts. The creation of the 3D triangular dioramas, snakes, lizards, water colour paintings and other creative work has been a lot of fun for everyone with more to come next term.

As an ongoing program, Community Access is as popular as ever with students who are continually using their Maths, Literacy and Social Skills on each and every excursion.

Well done ESC6 on an awesome term.

After all the hard work from students and staff, I am sure the holiday break will be enjoyed by all.

Lorraine Stoker-Walters—Teacher

ESC 6 Group

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