Year 8 ESC4 (Mrs Khosla)

Term 3 has just zoomed past so quickly. Our students had been very busy from weeks 1 to 4, studying and learning about Olympic games, it’s origin and motto of the games. Students researched on Brazil, its famous landmarks, food and culture. They participated in the Mini Olympic games held at school and displayed good sportsman spirit. They also had an opportunity to meet Mr Paul Clohessy, an ex Para Olympian who participated in the 2000 summer Olympics and won a gold medal in Tandem Bike riding.

In history the students have been so busy learning about Genghis Khan, a Mongol ruler and the life of Mongols and in geography they have been researching on the different landforms, and how landforms change due to natural disasters. They have used library books and internet to research, collected information on the causes and effects of Bushfires and are ready for the Bushfire season.

Cooking has been so much fun as they have been cooking snacks that are quick and easy to make. Our Community Access Program is always on Fridays and we get to shop for our cooking session on Mondays and also follow and display traffic rules. Students have been learning how to engage appropriately within the community and ordering meals at a café. The students had an opportunity to see the vintage cars on display in Kalamunda, meet the rally drivers and sit in the cars. On one of our CAPs they actually saw a Drone take off and land during the mainstream sports carnival.

We had an opportunity to visit the city and watch Circus Quirkus with our year 10 friends. The students used public transport and watched the circus and the awesome acrobats. It was a fun day all in all!

In week 10 we went for an excursion to Elizabeth Quay, took a Ferry and explored the natural and man-made landforms.

Mrs Khosla—Teacher

ESC 4 Group

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