Upper School ESC2 (Mrs Stewart)

Term 3 has seen our students experiencing some of the coldest weather in a long time and as a result this has meant illness has been rife throughout the class. I would like to thank parents for their support in keeping students at home when ill. Hopefully it won’t be long before temperatures begin to pick up. I think we have all had enough of winter.

This term has seen a number of courses being continued from last term. Students have enjoyed planning, costing and making meals of their choosing for the other class members. Recipes have been chosen by each of the students and then items costed and purchased. Well done. We look forward to lots more yummy treats in the future.

Many students have also continued to enjoy their workplace learning environments this term. We have students out at a variety of settings, including childcare, hospitality and agriculture. I am delighted with their progress and how they are representing themselves and the school in the working areas. Well done. This is no doubt a challenging time as they look towards the future and life after school. The workplace learning gives our students an excellent chance to learn new skills.

This term saw the commencement of a new course, Keys For Life, where students will have the opportunity of learning important aspects of driving, road safety and laws surrounding road use. Upon successful completion of the course, students will have the opportunity of sitting the Department of Transport test which can then be used towards securing a Learners Permit.

Week 8 saw all seniors head to North Metro TAFE, Leederville Campus. Whilst there we all
had the opportunity of being shown the facilities by current students as well as gain an insight into the courses being offered. What makes Leederville so exceptional is that the pace of learning and level of work is aimed specifically to our students. Quite a few students expressed a keen interest in some of the courses and so I’m hopeful that some will take up positions there next year.

Everyone in ESC2 would like to wish you all a safe and relaxing break. We look forward to seeing you all next term.

Mrs Stewart –Teacher