Year 7 ESC1 (Ms Barndon)

The students and staff of ESC 1 have had an incredibly busy third term. We have been exploring new topics in History and Geography. As well as welcoming the upcoming Year 7’s from the Primary School through our ongoing High School Transition Program. The students also had the opportunity to participate in our mini Olympics event, with all Students proudly winning medals, ribbons and stickers for various activities.

In History this term we have been learning about Ancient China. Students have completed work on Chinese geography, food, social structure, law and punishment, gender, family, religion, celebrations, the Great Wall, the Terracotta Warriors, the Silk Road and the Chinese calendar. All students have been working very hard to create their best work, making our classroom pin up boards a delight to look at.

Geography sessions have had us looking at natural, man-made and managed features within our community. As well as identifying the reasons why people live where they do.

I would like to say huge congratulations and thank you to all the ESC 1 students and support staff for their ongoing hard work this term. Despite the yucky weather and colds and flus we have been sharing with one another.

Thank you

Miss Barndon—Teacher

ESC1 Group

Various Students